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New Boy Band BOYFRIEND's twins resembles Kim Hyun Joong

Kwill's twin back up dancers and Kim Hyun Joong look-a-like releases their photo as they will debut as a boyband named 'Boyfriend'

Starship Entertainment will release their new boyband teaser 'Boyfriend' on March 24th.

The boys in the photo was said to have a resemblance with Kim Hyun Joong. Young Min and Min Woo had already appeared to several shows and MVs.

Meanwhile, Netizens already gave positive feedbacks to this twins.

On the other hand, Kwill's dancer and IU's boyfriend on her MV will be debuting as a boyband with an average age of 18 years old and consists of 6 members.

credit: newsinfo@hankyung.com
Summarization and translation: Cheezeemelt
Repost with proper credits, thanks!


Written in Korean by girlalice@soompi;
translated by hotshotlover30@soompi
Reposted from: http://www.triplesvn.com

Starship Entertainment, home to stars like K. Will and SISTAR, will debut a new boy idol group called Boy Friend. On March 24rth, Starship Entertainment released a teaser of the new  group.

 According to the agency, Min Woo and twins Young Min and Kwang Min will be part of the boy band. Min Woo has been attracting a lot of attention as K. Will’s backup dancer and IU’s younger boyfriend in her music video. Twins Young Min and Kwang Min are also gaining interest for their pretty boy image and resemblance to Kim Hyun Joong.  

 Representatives at Starship Entertainment stated, “The average age for the new 6 member group will be 18 years old. They’ve already gained a lot of fans online as the future of Starship. Boy Friend plans to debut this coming April.”

What do you think guys? Do they really looked like Leader? Hmmmmm... Well, good luck with their new career as a boyband. For me, they don't looked like Leader kekeke... the latter picture more looked like Park Shin Hye. Just my opinion though! =)


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